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My wife and I returned a few days ago from an LDS Church history tour, beginning in Boston and ending in Kirtland, OH.  This trip had a special meaning for us because of our pioneer heritage.  My wife's family came from Ireland, England, and Denmark.  My family came from Czechoslovakia, England, and Sweden.  The Bloods came to Massachusetts from England in the early 1600s.  The others came in the Mormon migration in the 1800s.  The Mormon pioneers endured incredible sacrifices, privation, and persecution, never wavering in their faith.  We are who we are today because of our heritage and the faith of our pioneer ancestors.  Our tour was ably organized and guided by Webb Tours of Salt Lake City.  Contact them at this link for further details.

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More at the New England Maple Museum in Pittsford VT

The New England Maple Museum in Pittsford VT bills itself as the "most complete collection of sugaring artifacts in existence."  Their website, which is linked here, tells us that "on a good day, the sap will run about two drops per heartbeat and will fill a 16-quart bucket in eight hours."  After visiting the Maple Museum, you will never again wonder why pure maple syrup is so expensive.  One of the best parts of the visit is sampling various kinds of maple syrups and candies.  You can order from their website linked above.  I asked the lady in the museum-store about all the Halloween decorations, and she told me her husband does all of the decorations, having more fun doing Halloween decorations than even Christmas.